Festival of Images 2021

As well as the beautiful snowdrops you can see around the town, here at Shaftesbury Snowdrops HQ we are celebrating this year’s snowdrops with our own virtual Festival of Art.

We are inviting local people, both adults and children alike, to create a piece of snowdrop-related artwork (it can be any kind of art) and send us a picture of it that we can display on our website gallery.

The pieces will be exhibited in our virtual exhibition and a panel of judges, including local artist Percy Lizzard (who designed this year’s image) and Jon Cory (who masterminded the snowdrop jam jar lanterns for This is Alfred; we can’t wait to see your pictures of those), will choose a winning entry.

Once you have sent us an electronic version of your artwork, please place the original artwork in your window if possible, so that passers-by can enjoy this year’s snowdrop season safely during the covid-19 restrictions.

Your snowdrop art images, along with your name and address, should be emailed to gallery@shaftesburysnowdrops.org by 28/02/2021.

When you are out shopping or for exercise, do go past the Arts Centre Gallery where you’ll see some of the past years’ snowdrop artworks on display. We hope the annual Shaftesbury Arts Centre ‘Snowdrops in Art Exhibition’ will be back in February 2022. If you’d like to enter next year, please send an email to gallery@shaftesburyartscentre.org.uk for details.

Shaftesbury Snowdrops 2021: artwork copyright Percy Lizzard; poster design Liz Martin